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AvantBox Belle Petit Vanity Organizer

RM 250.00

The AvantBox Belle Petit is a practical storage system for minimalists. If you are not a makeup collector, this AvantBox provides the space you need to organize your essential everyday beauty products. The 3 drawer configuration is a good option if you have mostly only essential pieces of products and don’t need the deep drawer that comes with the AvantBox Belle Luxe. Its elegant and comprehensive storage lets you organize your products stylishly and keeps them clean from dust.

Don’t feel limited with organizing only makeup, feel free to explore the multiuse and functionality of the AvantBox Belle Petit and organize skincare products, hair care products and jewellery as you like to!

Product details:

Material: 100% Grade A Lucite acrylic

Colour: Clear

Base: 4 x silicon grips at the base

Product measurements:

270 (L) x 188 (W) x 138 (H) mm

10.6 (L) x 7.4 (W) x 5.4 (H) inch

Drawers depth

1st tier drawer: 23 mm, 0.9"

2nd tier drawer: 36 mm, 1.4"

3rd tier drawer: 48 mm, 1.9"


Drawer: 3 mm

Structure: 4 mm