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Oh Most Wanted Magic Wand

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OhMostWanted Magic Wand is an innovative beauty tool for the face that stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to instantly revive, rejuvenate, energize and uplift your skin. With 30 massaging stones, Magic Wand utilizes a unique rhythmic rolling action, replicating the facial massaging technique that helps improve the appearance of your skin tone.

To stay youthful is just a roll away, literally!


Here are some tips from AvantBox to help with bloating, fatigue, and muscle soreness.

Face: Roll the Magic Wand from the center of the face outwards. For the forehead, roll from center of forehead to the sides, ending at the temple, and from in between eyebrows upwards, ending at hair roots. Under the eyes, roll from inner corner moving outwards towards the temple. Right under the cheek bones and the hollows of the cheeks, from inner corner toward the ears. From the center of the chin to the end of the jaw just below the ear. Always massage the end point of each roll with a slightly heavier pressure to stimulate lymphatic circulation and reduce bloated skin.

Double chin and neck: Roll from under the chin toward the side under the jaw, bring back up under the ear, and move down the neck to the collarbone and areas under the collabone.

Arms: Roll the Magic Wand from inside of the arm starting from the armpit toward the elbow and inside of the elbow.

Thighs: Roll the Magic Wand up and down and focusing on the groin area.

The rest of the body: Massage by rolling the magic wand toward major lymph nodes to improve bloating and improves the body's own detoxification process. Regular massages help with overall body health, bloating, and recovery from fatigue and muscle soreness (from workout or general muscle sore).

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